Volant: Logo
This is a logo I designed for a game with the premise "Top-down on-rails flight game where you are a barn swallow flying through Art Nouveau-style rings".
Drinkonomicon TTRPG: Marketing Package
This is a marketing asset bundle I put together for a TTRPG authored by a friend and colleague of mine. I created the initial cover illustration first, and then made use of assets from that illustration across a broad variety of static image applications, depending on where the book is being marketed.
Polyglot Victoria: Logo/Favicon
Polyglot Victoria Unconference, a remote conference for polyglot coders, needed a logo from me for their launch website that could also be easily used as a favicon. Simplicity was key to this project.
WTNV: Motion Graphics
These are Kinetic Typography animations I created in Adobe After Effects. They are fanworks of Welcome to Night Vale--an audio-only podcast show with a surrealist horror theme that inspired a lot of typographic work out of me.
Howloween 2021: Branding and Marketing
Howloween is an annual halloween-themed anthropomorphic hobbyist convention. In 2021 the theme chosen was "Creature Carnival", and I took on the position of Artist Lead to create characters, signage, merch, and marketing materials for the con.
Kohinu Café: Branding Package
This branding package I created for Kohinu Café--a Shiba Inu-themed coffee shop--includes a logo, in both full and single colour, character mascots, menu layout, and product mockups.
K. Knights: Logo
K. Knights is a dog rescue with a particular focus on German Shepherds. I designed this logo to reflect the regal, loyal guard dog image of the breed.
Galleree: App UI
Galleree, one of my app concepts, is intended as a pocket-portfolio sharing app for artists. It would also be a useful sharing tool for non-artists to store references when commissioning illustrators.
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