Galleree aims to be simple and intuitive to navigate. Functionally, it's a digital folder with the creator's name and brief bio on the label, sorted into viewable folios based on categories determined by the user. The app is designed to be fully useable on mobile only, with easy to find forms to upload and sort the user's artwork and photos. Simply tap on your own icon to view a dropdown menu navigation where you can add artwork and update your profile. Tapping a piece of artwork in a user's gallery opens a lightbox for gallery-style viewing.

The first elements  I explored were the wireframes and typography guide. The layout was designed not to be distracting from the focus of the app, which is the user's work. The fonts were chosen for a balance between elegance and simplicity.
Once the wireframes had been finalized, I nailed down a colour scheme--cool and neutral tones to  match the simple, non-distracting layout. I also designed a webpage layout to mirror the design ideals of the app.
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