As Artist Lead, I was given a team of two more artists to manage with a limited deadline before all assets needed to be ready for print and production. I delegated illustration tasks to the team by generating character concepts (see above) and inviting the other artists to pitch their own characters and/or create illustrations with the ones I gave them. Two character designs--the Chainsaw Rabbit and the Black Dragon Chimera (see below on the Theatre Notice sign)--are the pre-existing mascots for Howloween. I was asked to give them theme-appropriate costume updates. The art team created some real gems, such as the 3-headed Chimera and the Trapeze Cats!

I then took the art assets they created along with my own, and used them to generate signage and other print/web items needed to create the spooky atmosphere for the weekend experience.
Both print and web assets were requested, often as-needed, so I worked constantly with short turnarounds and deadlines throughout the project.
Each year, the convention offers new memorabilia for the theme. I created a collectible poster, a wooden pin and 4x6 notepad, handling all pre-press and  coordinating with the printers, as well as a silkscreen T-Shirt design with a 4-colour limited palette. I also created some illustrations for unique badge passes handed out at registration. 
The event was a rousing success! It's always very satisfying to see my work in action, and it was a pleasure to see so many enthusiastic responses to my shirt design, pins, and posters. Doing work like this for a community I care about means a lot to me, and I always feel the same buzz when I have the joy of working with a team on games and other creative explorations like these.
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