"Kohinu" is a Japanese play on words, a portmanteau of "Koohii" (coffee) and "Inu" (dog). The primary mascot character is used for the shop's logo, and the secondary characters make their appearances on the menu as well as across various merchandise and in-store goods such as mugs and pastry bags.

The characters are meant to be as marketable as the coffee. Regulars are encouraged to pick their favourite character and collect their merchandise. The shibas are also useable for print advertising and animated commercials.
Kosuke is the "owner" and typically works at the till in illustrations and animations. He is the primary mascot, so he appears on almost everything.

Sakura is the espresso expert and makes wonderful handcrafted beverages, teaching customers about coffee growing and origins. She appears on take-home bags of ground and whole beans.

Mashumaro takes care of the baking and appears on most of the pastry boxes, bags and displays.

Momo is the resident tea expert. Her picture and interesting tea facts are found on the tins and tags of the tea collection.
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